Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Sponsored Bills of Representative Carlos Trujillo 

Session :  

Representative is : First Named Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2014CS/CS/HB 265Arrest Booking PhotographsNow in Judiciary Committee
2014HB 267Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance1st Reading
2014HB 269Pub. Rec./Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Policies1st Reading
2014HB 435Municipal Bonds1st Reading
2014CS/HB 437Diabetes Advisory CouncilBill added to Special Order Calendar (4/21/2014)
2014HB 871Residential Properties1st Reading
2014CS/CS/CS/HB 989Human TraffickingAmendment 792135 filed

Representative is : Co Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2014HR 9023Retired Sergeant First Class Melvin MorrisAdopted

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